Lobby Card USA Lobby Cards are 11x14 inches. These cards were printed in sets of 8,10 or 12 on card stock paper for using in theatres/cinemas. There are also Lobby/Scene Cards from other countries where their dimensions differ from the regular Lobby Card. Please contact us if you need exact dimensions for other Countries.

One Sheet 27x41 inches. This size is the most popular among collectors. They were printed on thin paper stock and they were used from Theaters and Cinemas to promo the films. Many of them until the 1980s measured 27x41 inches and they were folded but in the 1980s, studios began to transition to One Sheets measuring 27x40inches and send to theaters rolled. The standard is 27x40inches but sometimes their height can be between 39 to 41 inches. UK, Australia and some other countries also have one sheets.

Half Sheet 20x28 inches. They were printed on card stock paper. These posters stopped circulating until 1980s.

Three Sheet 41x81 inches. They used outside of the larger theaters. They were printed in two or three panels that would need to be aligned at the time of display. In early of 1970s, studios produced Three Sheets in one panel, but then phased out the printing of this poster size poster altogether by the early 1980s.

Six Sheet 81x81 inches. They printed on thin paper stock in four different panels, these posters were displayed outdoors as a small billboard These posters were sent to theaters folded. Because of their giant size these posters are very impressive works of art.

Us 40 by 60 40x60 inches. This size began to be printed by studios in the early 1930s and was usually released when shipped to theaters. Until the 1940s, these posters were produced on heavy-duty cardboard paper. 40 by 60 posters were printed in limited numbers and very few survived

Us 30 by 40 30x40 inches. Studios began printing this size in the 1930's instead of One Sheets. 30 by 40 posters and One sheets sometimes share the same artwork.

Inserts 14x36 inches. They were Printed on card stock paper and were used to promote a film. The artwork is usually done in a mix of photographies and artwork style and they are very popular to collectors.

Window Cards 14x22 inches. They produced on heavy cardboard stock, these cards were small posters and they had a blank white area of approximately four inches at the top of the card for the theater's name and date of showing. These posters are of a size easy to frame.


French Grande 47x63 inches. This is the standard French poster.

French Petite 16x21 inches.

French Moyenne 23.5x31.5 inches.

French Pantalon 23.5x63 inches.


European A0 33x47 inches. These posters may be in a vertical or horizontal format.

European A1 23x33 inches, is the most usually size.

European A2 23x17 inches

European A3 12x17 inches European B1 27x39 inches


Japanese B1 29x40 inches double sized version of the B2.

Japanese B2 20x29 inches, most often used poster size in Japan.

Japanese B5 Chirashi 7x10 inches small promo poster.


Locandina 13x27 inches, they look like US Inserts.

Photobusta 27X19 inches used as lobby cards in Europe. Size may vary. May be either vertical or horizontal format.

Foglio 28x39 inches.

Due Fogli 39x55 inches standard poster size.

Quattro Fogli 55x78 inches is a very large poster, printed in two panels.


Argentine one sheet 29x43 inches. Standard size, equivalent to a U.S. One Sheet, but slightly larger.


Quad 40x30 inches, printed on paper stock and is standard British poster size beginning after WW II. The image is often designed to fit the horizontal format, and is usually different from the U.S.

One Sheet artwork 27x40 inches.


Yugoslav B2 20x28 inches.

Poland / Czech Republic / Yugoslavia and Russia are often the same size as the European ones.


Daybill: From 1910 to 1941, they measured 15" X 40"


If you will need exact dimensions please contact us before purchasing and we will be happy to provide exact measurements.

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